24-hour assistance service for self-propelled cranes, self-loading trucks, gondola service and tow truck and bus service.


Gruas Vila is a leading company in 24-hour roadside assistance, self-propelled cranes, self-loading trucks, gondola service and truck and bus towing.

We have been more than 50 years in the sector offering the best service.


Career and Experience

The beginning of the company Gruas Vila dates back to the year 1975 when Vicente Vila Ferrer, who had a vehicle repair workshop, acquired a Jeep and mounted a crane to be able to tow vehicles that could not be repaired on site.

Between 1980 and 1990 after the incorporation of his sons into the business and the growing increase in crane services, platform cranes were acquired and the business expanded.

In the year 1995 they decided to bet on the lifting business by acquiring a Krupp brand self-propelled crane. After a few years gaining experience in the sector, more self-loading trucks and self-propelled cranes were purchased.

Currently they have extensive experience in the sector and a great enthusiasm to continue growing and always offering a high quality service.


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